District Board




The purpose of this organization shall be the prevention and suppression of fire, protection of life and property in the event of fire, accident or disaster, and provide emergency care and public education.


Revised June 5, 2003

Due to Covid-19 the Mesa County Assessor's office has not sent out the property tax assessments for 2021.  This department is unable to hold  public discussions on the 2021 budget  as planned on Thursday, October 1st.  The budget will be discussed at the next board meeting to be held on November 5th.  If you are interested in commenting on the budget for 2021, please attend the November 5th board meeting to be held at 7 PM at the fire station, 3253 B 1/2 Road, Grand Junction.
Board Members
President: Randy Patterson, term expires 2023
Secretary: John Sigle, term expires 2022
Treasurer: Dave larson, term expires 2022
Director: Tim Bevan, term expires 2023
Director: Randy Zellner, term expires 2022
Meeting Dates
Central Orchard Mesa Fire Protection District Board meets at 7:00 p.m., on the first Thursday every Month at the Fire House; 3253 B 1/2 Road, Grand Junction unless otherwise posted.

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